v1.00 Public Beta Testing

The biggest Bitphoria game in history.

Looks like some people have started taking interest in Bitphoria. There are a lot of kinks to work out, some people are having issues starting a game and having their friends join. I'm looking into it. Lots of little things are being figured out: players can be hard to see, chat messages disappear too quickly, the server I'm running crashed in the middle of the night while two people were playing, AI guys are more aggressive than they need to be, etc.

The end result is inevitably a new release, v1.01, which will have a new network protocol version. The master server will only relay game servers to your version of Bitphoria that are running with the same network protocol. I will be updating my game server to v1.01 when it's released, so people who are still playing with v1.00 will not be able to see it or play on it. An auto-update feature will be implemented down the road, for now my focus is on the engine.

It was also suggested that an automated installer would make it easier for some people to start playing Bitphoria. I already have a process in place for achieving this and wasn't planning on utilizing it until Bitphoria was out of beta, but I have decided to include an automated installer with the next release.

I estimate v1.01 to be released some time next week, maybe sooner.

Thanks to everybody who downloaded the current version and has been playing with it. This has been more fun that I could have imagined :)

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