Bitphoria v1.00 Beta Released

Pre-release early screenshot of Bitphoria.
Bitphoria has been released. It's in public beta, and this is the very first (aka 'worst') version ever. Start games (don't forget to forward your UDP port if behind a router) and play with others. Dive into the scripting system and make whatever your heart desires. Let's see what Bitphoria can do.

An engine guide is in the works now, to help users better understand the various console variables and how to make full use of them as a sort of 'power user'. I'm sure anybody with their wits about them could figure out most of them just by surfing the console typing a few characters and pressing 'tab'. The confusion, by comparison to most engines with a console, will lie in the fact that the vast majority of console commands are for scripting, and not intended to be executed while in a game, or while just idling in the main menu system.

If you're the type of person who likes to get into new things, unafraid, and share your findings with others, then by all means download Bitphoria, start screwing around, and Youtube your experiences. Share this thing with the world. If you could notify me of your intentions to release a video of your time with Bitphoria that would be great, just so I could follow along and gain some insight as to what I should work on or do differently.

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