NewbieTime is Live

 I made a game for my children called NewbieTime. It's an idea I had a few years back but didn't get around to working on until last summer in the middle of Bitphoria development. I had everything pretty much finished and polished and ready to release and somehow decided to move on to other things instead. Well, I stumbled across it and decided it was time that it saw the light of day and now it's live for download/sale at

 Check it out and let me know what you think!

 Working on a re-write of Holocraft that is much cleaner. After much aluminum scoring and grooving I had come to the realization that I needed to mitigate the fact that groove optics were allowed to intersect with abandon. This allowed for spots on holograms that are densely populated with optics to appear 'dirty' and effectively ruin the holographic effect. In order to properly deal with this within the way that Holocraft was slapped together would be just more sloppy work, so I opted to re-write to allow for much better.... well... everything.

 Occlusion culling will be on-point, and the program itself will run much faster, and deal with larger and more complex geometry much better. More on this once it's finished.

 Also on the todo list is documenting Bitphoria's scripting system, which is the final step before an initial public release. I want people to be able to begin playing with the scripting system and see what they come up with. Multiplayer functionality is all there, and entire games can be made out of Bitphoria but I have not been so inclined to actually make a game as of the past year.

 I still need to figure a master-server setup that will allow players to easily start and join one-another's games. This will be included in a later release.

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